Warminster Preservation Trust
                 " Enriching the Present with the Past "

Incorporated in 1987 as a charity & limited company by guarantee, registered No 2161087.
For the purpose of purchasing and restoring historic buildings in the conservation area.

Patron -Dr Andrew Murrison M.P.
townhall2.jpg Recent Trust work:
Potted History of the Town Hall Project.
A detailed paper prepared by the Warminster Preservation Trust (W.P.T.) was undertaken in June 2014, and can be a referred to from the website. The update on recent developments stressed the cooperative nature of the venture undertaken by the owner " Devo Developments Ltd " a local  builder and the W.P.T., to bring the building back into its former glory.
Also attached was an overview by a local archaeologist putting the Old Town Hall and its setting into context, and why it was vital for the future of the Town Centre, that it be restored and brought back into use. A recent significant event took place when patron Dr Andrew Murrison M.P. and Lord Bath, attended an informal get together with the Trustees and others, in order to see the progress made since the " Boston Shaker " wine bar located in basement area, was opened earlier in the year, and let out on a 10 year lease. ( view photos of event here )

View a " short report " describing the many improvements made, as well as works still to be undertaken